08/10/99 San Francisco

We left Portland at 6:30 AM with no problems and arived in San Francisco at 8:30 AM. We checked our luggage with into storage and took the city bus downtown. We then had breakfast as Noah's New York Bagels, but we didn't have bagels. The cinnamon rolls looked much better.

After breakfast we walked down to Pier 39. If I knew how far it was, I would have looked for another bus. We thought we would go out and see Alkatraz Island on the tour boat, but we forgot that this is Summer and the tours are all booked for the next week. We walked around the shops at Pier 39 and had lunch at a hot dog stand. Then we walked down to Fisherman's Warf. We caught the Cable Car and rode back to where we started, near Noah's Bagels. On the way there, we started going really fast down a steep hill, and the driver decided to get the cable grip changed. It was a lot of fun, but the driver seemed quite concerned.