08/21/99 Palm Cove

This morning Emily and Ryan went for a swim in the pool before we left on a bus trip to Palm Cove. Eric didn't feel well so he decided to stay behind and rest. The bus picked us up just a few blocks from the apartments. We caught the bus right away and had good seats. Emily must have found this rather boring compared to last nights ride.

When we got there the bus stopped right at the beach and there is a great play area. Of course the kids had to play there for a while before we could even go down to the waters edge.

The water felt a little cold at first then it just felt as if it wasn't even there, not warm not cold. We walked down the beach to a pier and walked to the end. There were crabs on the lower levels. We could see two small islands not far from there.

Walking back the kids decided they wanted to go see the area with rocks. At the entrance was a sign that said that there had been a crocodile sighting and to beware. As we approached the rocks we realized that the rocks looked a lot like crocodiles and we didn't stay there long.

Across from the beach were a lot of shops and restaurants. The trees were really strange, they were soft like skin and were pealing like paper. We had lunch, played some more, collected shells and rocks and then caught the bus back to Cairns.

In Cairns we decided to go into the city center and buy some groceries. We caught the bus back and realized that our apartment really isn't within walking distance from the city center.

The children decided to go for a swim when we got back. They decided to see if they could hold their breath underwater. This kept them amused for quite a while and they were quiet for periods of up to 28 seconds.

Weather in Cairns