08/24/99 Fitzroy Island

We took a boat to Fitzroy Island. It is about an hours boatride from Cairns. The boat we were on was full of kids Emily and Ryans age that were going to be staying in the dormitory for a couple of days. Emily met a couple of girls on the boat and she had fun talking to them and walking around the boat together.

The batteries on my camera went dead on the boat ride over, and the store at the island was all out of the size I needed so I didn't get any pictures of the island. Luckily Nellie had her camera and she took some pictures.

The island is small and has one resort with a swimming pool, cabins and a dormitory. There are also trails around the island, a harbor, coral beaches, and a light house at the top of the island. We started to go for a walk to the light house, but the road up was very steep and it was about an hours walk one way. We decided to go on the glass bottom boat ride instead.

Eric decided not to go on the boat ride, so he went for a walk while Emily, Ryan, Darleen and Nellie went.

When the glass bottom boat got back, we went and rented snorkeling equipment and had lunch by the pool. Emily and Ryan tried out the snorkeling equipment in the pool.

After lunch we took the trail through the rain forest to a beach called Nudey Beach. There were huge boulders the size of cars along the trail. It looked like the set of a Indiana Jones movie.

The beach was nice and Emily and Eric went snorkeling. It had rained the night before and the water was very murkey with only about 4 or 5 feet visiblity.

Emily and Ryan like climbing around the rocks and looking in the tide pools. Darleen and Nellie layed in the sun.

At 3:30 we went back to the resort to catch our boat back to Cairns. We never to find out why it was called Nudey Beach.

The evening we went out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. On the walk back to our apartment we noticed these large bats flying toward the beach from the mountains. They were larger then the sea gulls. Emily said they looked like 'Flying Foxes' because they the shape of their head looked like a fox. One of them flew down right over our head and landed in a parking lot. When we stopped at a store, we asked about them, and they said every evening at dusk they fly into town to feed off of the fruit in the trees.

Weather in Cairns