08/12/99 Brisbane

We arrived in Sydney at 6:50 AM with no problems. The plane wasn't completely full, so the people that were in an isle with four seats by themselves got to put all of the arm rests up and lay down. There were four of us in the four seats, so that didn't give us much room. I found an unoccupied seat to move to so that Emily and Ryan had a little more room to stretch out.

Our flight to Brisbane didn't leave until 10:00, so we asked if there were any earlier flights. They switched us to another flight that left 30 minutes later, so we made it into Brisbane by 9:30.

We took a bus to the central transit station in the heart of Brisbane and the people at the tourist information booth found us a hotel two blocks away that was very reasonable called the Explorers Hotel. We are only a block from the City Hall, and all of the shops and restaurants are near by.
We cleaned up and I went to update our web site from an Internet Cafe near by while Darleen and the kids took a nap. We then started to explore the city. We decided to eat an early dinner about 4 PM but found that every restaurant we checked closed after lunch around 2 or 3 PM and didn't reopen for dinner until 6 PM. We finally found a food court in the mall that was serving food around 5. We skipped the McDonalds and Pizza Hut and eat at a small Cafe. Darleen had Vegetarian Lasagna, and I had a Gourmet Hamburger. The kids had Nachos. I ended up eating the Lasagna, and Darleen eat the Hamburger. The vegetables that they have here are very interesting. Too interesting for Darleen. Even the Hamburger was different. The meat was more like a meat loaf than a meat patty.
After that we went back to the room and went to bed. Darleen went right to sleep, but the kids and I started watching a movie that I brought with my computer. I couldn't stay awake, so I went to sleep, but Emily was nice enough to wake me up when the movie was over so that I could turn off the computer.

The Australia Zoo