08/13/99 The Australia Zoo

This morning we got an early start and had breakfast at 7 AM, and caught the train for Beerwah, the home of The Australia Zoo, by 9:10 AM.

When we were on the train, they kept announcing that it was an express, and they would list the cities that they stopped at. Beerwah wasn't one of them. We talked to a nice couple that said that we would probably need to get off the train before it passed Beerwah and change to another train.

When we stopped at the town closest to Beerwah, we got off of the train and went to talk to the ticket man to see what train we should get on. Just as it was my turn and I was talking to the man at the counter, he said that the train we were on was the right train, and that it would stop at Beerwah. We both looked over in time to see it pull away from the station. He said the next train would be along in 60 minutes. We had a nice walk thought the little town and had ice cream cones while we waited for the next train.

We also called the Australia Zoo and told them what time we were arriving. They said that they would pick us up at the train station, which they did. We had a nice time at the Zoo petting the Kangaroos, holding the snakes, watching the guides tease the Crocodiles and the Eagles tear rats apart.

At 3:30 they took us back to the train station. The train arrived about 20 minutes later, and when we sat down, we were sitting right next to the same couple as before. We had a nice talk and told them about our day on the way back to Brisbane. We also met a nice girl named Kelly that was on her way to the city to go to the State Fair.

Darleen keeps saying, "I'm really hungry", so since it is now 6 PM and the restaurants are open again, we are going to eat and I will post these to the web page. Tomorrow we leave for Cairns, so talk to you later.