08/15/99 Cairns

We arived in Cairns, which is up north near the Great Barrier Reef, and found a room at the Cairns Village Resort. It is a pretty nice place, but kind of old and out of town. The have a shuttle bus to the city every two hours. It is ony about a 15 minute drive.

The weather here is like Hawaii. It is always warm and rains now and then.

The city of Cairns is mostly a tourist town with lots of shops all selling the same souvenirs. There are lots of places to eat and we have found a couple that have food that we like. The meals at the hotel we are staying at are very expensive and aren't that great. We will be moving to a 2 bedroom apartment on Thursday when Nellie arrives. It has a large Kitchen and we will go shopping so that we can eat without having to go out for every meal, especially breakfast. The apartment is right next to the waterfront that has a park along it. There is no beach in Cairns, just a bunch of mud between the sea wall and the water. They said that 70 years ago the water used to come right up to the sea wall.

Weather in Cairns