08/16/99 Great Barrier Reef

We took a tour boat out to the reef and went snorkeling. The company is called Quicksilver and they are very large. They have 3 large boats and a floating platform on the outer reef that they took us to. We snorkeled off the platform and the fish where all around. The fish hang around the platform because they fed them each day. The coral was beautiful too. The water was very warm and comfortable, but it was a bit windy the day we were out. Quicksilver also has boats that extend about 15' down into the water with windows on both sides. They take you for rides out among the reef and you can see all kinds of fish and coral. We even saw a sea turtle but no sharks. They said that the sharks mostly come out at night and your pretty lucky to see one during the day.

I have to admit that these pictures were not taken on our snorkeling trip. We didn't take our camera with us on that trip. I took these pictures the next day at an aquarium in Cairnes.

Weather in Cairns