09/07/99 Darling Harbor & The Powerhouse Museum

The next day we went down to Darling Hardor. Darleen was honored that everything was named after her.

Darling Harbor has all been redeveloped and is very impressive. They have a large shopping mall, and a large open area with play structures for the children and benches for the rest of us. They have a large fountain with a play ground rind in the fountain. Darleen was down there with the kids, but luckily no one got too wet.

There was a large building called Sega World that is full of all of the Sega Video games. If cost $22.00 a person to enter, but then all of the games are free. I'm sure that kids would have been happy to go there and spend the entire day, but we had other plans.

The convention center run along one side of the area, and it is huge. It is deisgned to resemble a sailing ship with masts and ropes, all in white with black windows. The building seems to go on for ever. It must be four or five blocks long.

We went to the Powerhouse Museum. It is a lot like OMSI, in Portland. They had a features computer exibit with displays of the old computers and examples of new ones, like 3D screens that you wore special goggles to look at. I was feeling kind of old looking at all of the computers I used to own under the display cases, like antiques.

There was a booth with video cameras and a blue background where the kids could choose the background image they wanted, and then film each other in front of the back ground, like flying through the air.

We werem't allowed to take pictures inside the building, but I got a couple of the prototype cars they had on display. They were made by Holden, which is a company in Australia that made most of the luzury cars that people were driving.

Ryan and Emily liked all of the interactive computer displays.

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