08/26/99 Sydney

We flew out of Cairns at 5:50 AM on Thursday, Aug. 26th. We were on a 747 because it was a flight coming from Nagoya.

When we got to Sydney, we went to the information booth at the airport. We found out that this weekend there was a championship rugby game between Australia and New Zealand and that every room in hte city was booked. We found a two bedroom apartment one night in an area called Kings Cross.

We took a taxi from the airport. First he dropped us off at the wrong hotel, then gave us a ride to the correct one.

We got a room on the 7th floor. It has two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, and a small eating area/living room.

The view from the room is nice. We went up to the roof and found that there was a great view from there. There are 14 floors so we were one of the tallest buildings around. We could see the Opera House from there.

Since we were not going to be able to get a room during the weekend, we reserved a rental car for the next day. We were going to drive up the coast and find some place else to stay for the weekend.

We walked down to the bay and through the Botanical Gardens. There have some huge trees there, just begging to be climbed.

On the other side of the gardens is the Opera House. We decided not to take the tour, but we did get tickets for a performance on Sunday the 5th.

As we were walking back through the garden to hour apartment, we saw a mother duck with eleven baby ducks. Later we discovered the same bats that we saw in Carins. There were several tree full of them and they were flying all around. There was a sign telling about them and we found out that Emily was right! They are called 'Flying Foxes' but are really fruit bats.

Weather in Sydney


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