08/28/99 Wiseman's Ferry

On Friday, Aug.27th we rented a car and drove North out of Sydney about an hour and half to a town called Wiseman's Ferry. The town is located where two rivers meet. There are no birdges over the rivers, but they have two ferry boats, one across each river.

We went to a resort that we saw advertised in a tourist brochure, but decided to drive around and see what else was available before deciding.

We ended up driving about 20km to a nearby town called Albin. We found the town was full of people and horses. It was the last day of a 4 day, 400km Endurance Horse race. Emily and Ryan went and played with some other kids on a playground, while Eric checked with the local Inn to see if they had any rooms available. The Inn was built in 1836 and was made of stone. They had one room available, but it wan't in the Inn, but in a building behind called the Garden Rooms. It only had a one double bed, and there wouldn't have been room for the 5 of us.

After walking around for a while, and watching some of the riders come across the finish line, we drove back to Wiseman's Ferry, but a a different road this time. We stopped at an old cemetary on the way. The grave stones where dated in the early 1800's, and most were broken and unreadable.

We checked out a couple of other places to stay in Wiseman's Ferry, but were suprise how expensive they were. I guess they get people from Sydney for the weekend and can charge alot. We decided to stay at the first resort we saw that was called Del Rio. We got a small two bedroom cabin.

Del Rio is located right on the river, and has a restaurant, swimming pool, 9 hole golf course and tennis courts. There were kangaroos around, but they are note tame. There is also an emu that you can feed, but it won't let you get close enough to touch it.

Emily and Ryan went swimming, and Darleen, Emily, Ryan and Eric played tennis.

We stayed two nights, but left early on Sunday, the 30th.

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