08/25/99 The Australian Woolshed

The Australian Woolshed is about a half hour bus ride north of Cairns. It has demonstrations of sheep shearing, tame barn animals and kangaroos that the kids can feed, and koala bears. Emily and Ryan had lots of fun feeding and petting the animals.

We sat down in a large room with a stage for the sheep shearing demonstration. The sheep walked in one at a time as they were introduced. They walked in from behind the audience, walked up the isle, up a ramp to the stage, and up to their stand. After they explained the difference between the different varieties of sheep, they showed how the sheep are sheared. Emily and Ryan got to go up on stage and help shear the sheep.

After that demonstration, we were introduced to one of their sheep dogs. He jumped up on top of the sheep, walked along their backs, and layed down on one of their backs. Then we went outside and they showed how the sheep dogs is used to control the sheep.

After that, we went to see the Kaola bears. Emily and Ryan got to hold one while we took pictures. Then they held a baby guenia pig that was born the day before. They also held baby chicks.

Each of us got to try our hand at milking the cow. Darleen and Nellie didn't want to for some reason. Emily and Ryan then fed the sheep and goats milk with a baby bottle.

We spent a lot of time feeding and petting the kangaroos. One of the mother kangaroos had a baby in its pouch. All you could see was the babies feet sticking out until Darleen reached into the pouch and pulled the babies head out. The baby wasn't ready to wake up yet, and put it's head back in the pouch. Ryan did the same thing, but the baby wanted to keep sleeping. Later the mom got up and the baby stuck it's head out to see where she was going.

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