09/06/99 Sydney Zoo

We took the subway down to the harbor and took the ferry over to the zoo. The weather was very sunny and nice. A good day for a ride on the harbor.

The zoo was a lot of fun. The first thing we saw was a live bird of prey show. They were really something to see. They flew right over the audience, and Darleen felt one as it flew by. I took a lot of pictures trying to catch them in flight, and was suprised to find that a couple came out great. I loved the one of the Sea Eagle flying over the crowd holding something in it's claws.

The gorilla's were pretty impressive, but they weren't too active.

Darleen pointed out Ecuador's National Bird, the Vulture. He seemed happy to see us, too.

Emily and Ryan got to feed the Giraffes. We were impressed with how long their tongues are!

The otters were having fun playing around, but when Ryan started making some weirds noises, they all ran over and lined up to see what kind of creature was making all those strange noises.

Our favorite animal was the last one we saw. He was some knid of a panda. He was orange and brown with the cutest face and fuzzy ears. We wanted to take him home with us.


Weather in Sydney